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Tour the Digital Collections

Using the free presentation software Prezi, we recently created a “tour” of the Digital Collections.


The tour consists of a number of different “frames,” each highlighting a different aspect of the Digital Collections.  Currently, we have frames for seven collections in the Digital Collections, one frame for Now at the Met articles related to the Digital Collections, one frame on our collaboration with Wikipedia, and one frame on our Pinterest board. Here is what a frame looks like:

Prezi frame

This frame focuses on the Japanese Illustrated Books collection, and as one proceeds through the tour, each of the main components of the frame is zoomed in upon.  This also allows users to click on the embedded links within the tour and visit the actual Digital Collections itself. Also, because of the flexible nature of Prezi, this digital tour can easily be updated to reflect the constantly evolving nature of the Digital Collections.

There is a link to the tour on the right-hand side of the Highlights page.